TOYOX hoses are products manufactured by TOYOX CO., LTD., with its headquarters based in Japan. They offer a diverse range of hoses tailored to specific industrial needs, including food-grade or Pharmagrade specifications for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical hoses, and other high-quality general-purpose hoses. TOYOX provides authenticity documents and quality assurance through certificates, such as FDA Compliance Certificate, Material Certificate, MSDS, Technical Datasheet, and more. Feel free to request these certificates from us.

In broad terms, TOYOX hoses are categorized into several types:

  • Air Hoses: Available in various configurations, including transparent, flexible, weather-resistant, and capable of withstanding pressure and vacuum.
  • Pneumatic Hoses: Suitable for both rigid (fixed) and flexible (hand tools) piping applications.
  • Oil-Resistant Hoses: Available in various resistance levels for different types of oils.
  • Heat-Resistant Hoses: Products designed for use in temperatures ranging from 30 – 150°C.
  • Food and Beverage Hoses: Designed for use in the food and beverage industry, compliant with international regulations such as the Food Sanitation Act and FDA. In Indonesia, these hoses have obtained certification from BPOM and Halal certification from MUI.
  • Chemical and Cosmetic Hoses: Available in various resistance levels for different chemical substances.
  • Solvent and Paint-Resistant Hoses: Compatible with organic solvents, including anti-static options.
  • Powder Transfer Hoses: Designed for the conveyance of various powdered materials.

For more information about TOYOX products, click the link below to see the catalogs.